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SAP Query

SAP Query

Step-by-step procedure in configuring SAP Query

SAP R/3 Query tools (SAP Query) are based on the following four main components:

  • Query Areas

  • Query Groups

  • InfoSets

  •  Administrative Decisions (Company-specific)

Configuration of the Query tools is done in the following manner:

  • Create Query Groups

  •  Assign Users to Query Groups

  • Create InfoSets

  •  Assign each InfoSet to a Query Group.

Create Query Groups

·        Go to Transaction SQ03.

SAP Query is a tool to generate quick reports without getting any ABAP coding done

Consists of three components:
User Groups
Functional Areas/Infosets

Transaction Codes for creation of SAP Query
SQ03 : User Groups
SQ02 :Functional Area/Infoset
SQ01 :Query

Advantages of SAP Query
Designed for users having little or no knowledge of ABAP (SAP Programming Language).
No programming is required to generate the reports.
Different output options for the report like List display, ALV display, Graphical display etc. without doing any coding.
Options available to save output in Word or Excel format.
Options available to display output in different formats like Basic list, Statistics or Ranked List.

Disadvantages of SAP Query
Complex reports including complex data selection, complex conditions and formulas are not achievable by SAP Query.

User Groups : A collection of users that work with about the same data and carry out the similar tasks. The members of a user group can access any of the query made by any of the user in the group. Users are not allowed to modify queries from other user groups, although they may, under certain circumstances, copy and execute them.

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